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Tout se Transforme, From one to Another, Josilda Da conceição Gallery, Amsterdam 2017 

Tout se Transforme, 2017


This work was made in the context of an exhbition "From One to Another" in 2017 At Josilda da Conceição in Amsterdam

« Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed. » 

Antoine Lavoisier

It is in that aspect of transformation that I have been exploring what effects can light have on material volumes. 


Researching for different technics and related works, I discovered photograms, which is the exposure of a three dimensional objects to light, on photographic paper creating a negative of the shape.
Making them in the darkroom,I discovered the range of possibilities, depending on different time exposures, and or overlaying creating different images, Therefor different spaces.


I got fascinated by this moment of switch from a volume to a surface. And how much of these shapes I could translate. I found this poetry of transformation in making these photograms. The process of transforming these simple shapes, into complex photographic poetry.

Looking at how  light exposures transform the vision we might have towards an object.

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