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TATKO' is an installation, a space in itself. It is a way of transporting the viewer into an imaginary world at his fingertips.

This book is a window on this link between the real and the abstract, man and space, the personal and the universal.

It asks abstract questions about the role and place of an image. But it is also a poem without beginning or end, about love, the human being and creation. A way of questioning our constant need for understanding and meaning.

I see abstract photography as poetry or even music, as a way to create questions, interrogations and surprises.

It is not about giving answers but rather about asking questions. To make you and me ask what we are looking at and how we are looking at it.

This is why I chose to assemble this work as an interactive book in which the abstract and the real are in concrete dialogue.


The compositions created from reproductions of one of my metal assemblages were initially a way for me to understand it. But during this process, something more invited itself into the dialogue, my vision of these assemblages as surfaces.


Despite their materiality, I perceived them as images. From then on, the question was clear: how to turn these images into volumes, spaces, objects with, unlike an image, a depth as a surface.

Tatko 8.tif
Tatko 7 .tif
Tatko 3.tif
Tatko 1.tif
Tatko 6 .tif
Tatko 4.tif
Tatko 5.tif
Tatko 2.tif
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