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Large format Barite Silver gelatin prints (2*1m) 

 « The Noses »


Is a project made in collaboration with 8 other artists as a collective « Les Techniciens des Surfaces »  for the UNCUT festival of March 2019 at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, which had as its theme « Talk a walk on the wild side »

For this work, our initial goal was to make the largest possible Silver Gelatin handprints. The decision to photograph each other’s noses was made as a symbolic representation and abstraction of the collective. 

To make this work possible many infrastructure changes had to made, the assembly and modification of an analogue large format camera, the building of a large darkroom for the horizontal projection of the image, and the installation of a wet-darkroom-infrastructure that could facilitate the development and the washing and drying of the prints. 

The process of conception and collective work to create these somehow surrealist prints was the wildest of walks. 


Later on this work was shown again in Paris in November 2019 at A Regarder de près, as part of the Utopias exhibition, for which I also designed the catalogue. 


« Les Techniciens des Surfaces ( Raphaëlle Hugues, Frank Ellenberger, Sofia Baytocheva  Iordanova, Tasha Arlova, Qiran Xu, Laura Bouman, Katherina Siegel, Felina Beckenbaurer & Daria Lou Nakov) »

Supervised By Vincent Zedelius 

"Noses", Utopias, A regarder de près, Paris, October-November, 2019

Installation view Stedelijk Museum

"Noses", UNCUT, Stedelijk Museum, March 2019

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