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Entre Ciel et Pierre, Installation view, ECC Berlin, February 2023

'Untiltled' 80 x 120 cm
'Untiltled' 60 x 80 cm

Hand-made light box sculptures and pedestales (Wood, Acrylic glass & LED)

'Untitled' 60 x 80 cm
'Untitled' 40 x 60 cm

Entre Ciel et Pierre, ECC Berlin, February 2023

 'Entre Ciel et Pierre' explores freedom, the loss of control, and recreates the sense of pleasant chaos felt throughout Berlin. The intangible but yet very palpable energy present throughout the city, varies depending on the neighborhoods and their different architecture.

From the prism of site specific buildings I wanted to convey this feeling I so strongly felt. To do this, I voluntarily introduced a loss of control in my creative process.


I created collages from photograms of abstract models from discoveries and photographs of the urban landscape. I fed them to my computer and introduced chaos into the computer program.


I changed sizes, pixel information and other various image settings to confuse the program, making it impossible for him to read my images/collages.


Entre Ciel et Pierre, "Physical Feelings" Art Spring Milchof Pavillion, Berlin January 2023


In this work I explore further how to develop works that are both analog and digital. I want to convey materiality and expand visual languages.

My image creation is about this duality between materiality and imagined.

In reinventing the spaces I create and the ones capture, I blur the line between real and imagined. And question what is at the center of an image, what it depicts, what it imagines and its materiality.

This created new compositions with too many or too few pixels, unrecognised layers, etc. Through extensive experimentation I gradually created a dialogue with the machine and learned to create with it.

By understanding how to play and dialogue with its voluntary mistakes. I composed the installation with light boxes to highlight the architecture of the compositions and create spaces for the Berlin Light Festival.

Through these images I convey a surreal Berlin and create one neighborhood from all those I have explored.

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