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Daria Lou Nakov is a French visual artist working with photography and video. She initially studied Architectural design which is still very present in her visual language. She graduated from the Photography department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie with a BA Fine arts and design in July 2021.

Her work questions our relation to images through both spatial and lens based work. Her use of both analog and digital processes to create spaces with images and vise versa, bring both real and imaginary space to life through photographic work. 

Since 2016, her projects have been part of group exhibitions and book fairs, such as The Uncut festival at The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam in march 2018 & 2019,  'Auspuff' at Looiergracht gallery Amsterdam in may 2019, and most recently in June 2023 in Munich at the Pinakotek der Modern for Der Greif's 15th year anniversary event. 


2023  Open House, Culterim Atelierhof, Berlin 

2023   Past & Present  15 year Anniversary Event, Der Greif Magazine, Pinakotek der Modern, Munich

2023  Physical Feelings, Lichtkunstfest, Artspring, Miclhhof Pavilion, Berlin

2022  Sprouts, Art Amicitiae, Amsterdam

2021  Sprouts Young Talents Show, SBK Kunstuitleen Gallery, Amsterdam

2021  Graduation Show, "Côté Jardin" Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam                              


2019  Utopias, A regarder de près, Paris

2019  Auspuff, Looiersgracht 60 Gallery, Amsterdam

2019  UNCUT Festival, Les Techniciens des surfaces, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

2018  UNCUT Festival, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam 

2017  From one to anotherJosilda Da conceição Gallery, Amsterdam

2016  Vondelbunker, Vondelpark, Amsterdam


2023  Byob Bookfair with Sprouts Publishing, ENTER ENTER, Amsterdam

2022  Featured Interview, Collectors book Al-Tiba9, Art Magazine, Barcelona

2022  Buchmesse, Bookfair, KHB Studios Gallery, Berlin

2021. Shortlisted for the ArtThreads Global design Graduate show 2021 in Collaboration with GUCCI

2021  Pop-up Bookshop, GRA, Amsterdam

2019  Pop-up Art Bookfair, Polycopies, Bâteau Concorde Atlantique, Paris

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