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« Côté Jardin »


In This work I investigate our relation to images and their physicality. 

Both within the images themselves and the space where they stand, therefore changing it completely in every new space. The same way these spaces change completely within each composition.


By merging both three dimensional models and photographs created to that effect, I question our way of experiencing space within the visual world.

In the spaces made with these images I create a physical experience, pulling back the abstraction into an ephemeral reality, I aim to turn the question around and create an experience of this visual abstraction in our physical space. 

I like to push the boarders of realism within photography to trigger the viewers, make them question what they are looking at. 

I am interested in mixing the old and the new in my work. For that I make use of both analog (my hands, photograms, and others) as well as digital tools.


I believe analog and digital technics need each other to enrich one another, like the dialogue between the projections and the abstract composition (prints) in this installation.  These technics bring me both the physicality and the imagery to create with realism and imagination.
And question what role can abstraction play within photography.                                                                                                        

Amsterdam, 2021

Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Graduation Show, July 2021


Sprouts Young Talents Show, SBK Kuinstleen Gallery, Amsterdam October 2021

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