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'Côté Cour' 

Echoes the special installation 'Côté Jardin'

presented for the first time at the GRA Graduation show 2021, and after at SBK, Gallery Amsterdam. 


In a society in which images have become such a big part of our daily routine, I am interested in the physical and spatial qualities of images.

I am drawn to creating physical experiences by building spaces made of images both real and imaginary. 


Self published in an edition of 10; hand bound and made of four different kinds of paper. 

'Free Parking' 


In this book, I am investigating different spaces, and cities through images. Looking at multiple cities to create one. 

What is THE European city? What kind of role do images play in our spaces cities and places we think we know.
Can there be a European city, to create European identity or unity? By creating this city within the book, I am twisting reality to question our perception of these places.  

Self-plubished book, shown at Looiersgracht 60 gallery Amsterdam 2019 and Polycopies paris 2019

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