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Metropolis , is an extensive exploration into a representation of Berlin’s pleasant chaos. Through various technics and along side the installation « Entre Ciel et Pierre » (partly showcased in Berliln in January 2023) I explore, create, and reinvent neighborhoods of Berlin. With this, I not only create a personal and playful vision of the city, but I take the viewer into an imaginary world of images, translating a singular surrealistic perception of the intangible energy of the city.

This liporello Metropolis/1 is the first chapter of this extensive exploration into Berlin’s pleasant chaos. It is a playful dialogue between different neighborhoods.

Chapter 2 & 3 are part of a special limited edition of 3 with original photograms from the project and a zine of the installation "Entre Ciel et Pierre" in a hand-made plexiglass box. 

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